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  • Country - Canada
  • Creator - Ricky Tollman
  • Directed by - Ricky Tollman
  • audience score - 53 Vote
  • Year - 2019
  • Brief - Run This Town is a movie starring Ben Platt, Mena Massoud, and Damian Lewis. An emerging political scandal in Toronto in 2013 seen through the eyes of young staffers at city hall and a local newspaper

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Aria: I'm gonna run this town! A: Hahahaha, no. Stfu. Run This. 9:06 The Iluminati Control Rihanna. RUN THIS TOWN (Ricky Tollman. 99 minutes. Rating: NNN When word got out that a movie depicting the Rob Ford crack-smoking scandal would star Ben Platt as a reporter investigating the former mayor, Robyn Doolittle was quick to point out the films biggest problem. “Im glad theyre rewriting the fact that it was a female reporter who investigated Rob Ford, ” tweeted the former Toronto Star reporter who wrote the book on Ford, Crazytown. “Why have a woman be a lead character when a man could do it? Ammaright? ” Platt responded on Twitter that Run This Town, which premiered last night at SXSW, isnt about Doolittles investigation. Instead it follows a fictionalized white male journalist who couldnt keep up with it. And despite the movies glaring omission, it turns out to be a slick and entertaining look at Torontos dark days, with Damian Lewis pulling few punches in a latex-assisted take on the late mayor. Platts Bram works at a print newspaper called The Record where the editors (Jennifer Ehle and Scott Speedman, both terrific) keep him pushing BuzzFeed-style lists, never giving him the chance to work on real stories and proceeding cautiously when he accidentally steps into intel on the crack video thats being shopped around to various outlets. His efforts to acquire the video follow the steps described by both Star reporters Doolittle and Kevin Donovan and Gawkers John Cook, while offering a look inside newspaper offices and how they push out clickable fluff and contend with regular downsizing in a vulnerable market. There are two stories running parallel in Run This Town. One is about a desperate journalist trying and failing to crack his first big story. The other revolves around the special aides in Rob Fords office, led by Mena Massouds disarmingly passionate smooth operator Kamal (who Lewiss Ford keeps pronouncing “Camel”. Kamal tidies up the disasters left behind by his tornado boss and toys with journalists that try to get close to a story by giving spiels making them look like the taxpayers enemy. The relevance a Rob Ford story has for a U. S. audience was obvious at the premiere in Austin. Torontonians were already familiar with Trumps bombastic tactics and attitude toward the media and immigrants because we had it first, and were re-living the nightmare with Doug Ford in office. With details lifted from police reports and local media, Run This Town sticks close to the Ford saga in surprising detail. His bullshit taxpayer rhetoric makes for wickedly paced back-and-forths between the actors playing City Hall staff. At one point, somebody likens the former mayor to "the town's mall Santa. taking pictures with everybody and making promises to constituents, and leaving it to his elves to deliver. And the film doesn't shy away from embarrassing details and how the numerous scandals broke. The groping incident and that quip about “plenty to eat at home” are all worked into its narrative. Tollman manages to pull a muscular dark comedy from all this horrid behaviour. The debut writer/director shows off the confidence, skill and style we saw in Jason Reitmans Thank You For Smoking. He relishes snappy, salty and regularly hilarious banter while throwing down 70s style with split screens and anachronistic graphics, and moves the movie along with the chaotic energy befitting of Ford. And he leans in on a terrific ensemble cast led by Massoud (next to be seen in Aladdin. The Toronto actor walks an incredible line between savvy and vulnerable, doing soulless work and struggling to find the justification in it. Nina Dobrev is also wonderful as Ashley Pollock, a Ford aide whose wavering support goes down in infamy. (The name has been changed but Toronto audiences will know who she is meant to be in the final act. ) Lewiss take on Ford is actually pretty great, though his distracting latex job looks like Mike Myers dressed as Fat Bastard. From under the layers, Lewis captures the heartfelt and amusing aspects of the former mayor but also his worst drunken antics, temperamental blow-ups and offenses toward the media, the community, counsellors like Paula Fletcher and women in general. Then theres Platt, doing a fine job making a rather poor case that a young man from a privileged household may not have it all that great. No matter how hard he works, juggling listicle duties while trying to contribute something valuable, Bram simply cant catch a break at his job (apart from the favours he received to land it in the first place. Whenever Bram begins to feel sorry for himself, hes torn down by other women, most powerfully by his boss. Ehle delivers a furious monologue about how all people like Bram have to do to keep a job is show up and keep their head down, while others arent so lucky. That narrative also has a parallel in the relationship between Ford and Kamal. In these moments, Tollman concedes to white male privilege, and yet he also upholds it in choosing not to tell Doolittles story. The movie is full of accurate details. The Toronto Star and the Globe get name-checked. But Doolittle isnt even rewarded a mention. Instead, some fictional journalist named Brian Dixon does (presumably meant to replace Gawker's John Cook. Doolittles erasure from the very story she delivered denies us the chance to have an All The Presidents Men-style movie be about a woman. In the end white male privilege rules, no matter how much the film doesnt subscribe to that truth. @JustSayRad Radheyan Simonpillai Radheyan's first assignment for NOW was reviewing the Ice Cube heist comedy First Sunday. That was back in January 2008. Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Scarborough, Rad currently lives in Leslieville with his wife and two adorable kids. Read more by Radheyan Simonpillai March 10, 2019 1:24 PM.

Run this town rihanna jay z kanye west official music video. Rest in Peace Kobe. So is He going to explain what La Familia is. Anyone listening in 2018. What a load of mindless fools, soaking it all up with out a clue. Run this town youtube. Run This township. Run this town 2020. Run This Town Series Metadata Creator: Series Begun: 2017-07-30 Series Updated: 2018-01-21 Stats: Words: 240, 900 Works: 23 Complete: Yes Bookmarks: 1712 Listing Series Tags Summary "Wanna give you a private dance. Jungkook murmurs, tugging him in the direction of one of the secluded rooms. "Doesn't that cost a lot more? "You can afford it. Jungkook tells him. It's true, Yoongi can. But it's the principle; the feeling of being taken for a fool, who'll pay anything just because he can. He's about to argue his point before Jungkook adds- Anyway, this one's for free. " alternatively: Yoonkook fuck in a strip club] Series Part 1 of Run This Town Language: English 10, 270 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 3635 736 Hits: 84654 Yoongi's on a business trip in Shanghai, and Jungkook's bored. [alternatively: Yoonkook have phone sex] Part 2 of Run This Town 7, 046 2257 146 42165 “So, how did you two meet? ” Seokjin asks curiously. Yoongi knew it would come up. Why he listened to Jungkook is beyond him. Yoongis mind searches for a believable story, but Jungkook jumps in first. “We met in the club. ” Yoongis going to fucking kill him. [alternatively: Yoonkook get invited to Seokjin's place, and get it on in the bathroom] Part 3 of Run This Town 8, 795 2060 133 39070 It's nice, the easy banter. It feels a world away from the staid and impersonal conversations at work. From the awkward, stilted conversations with his parents. It's relaxed; enjoyable. "Don't be stubborn. Jungkook huffs playfully. "You know you wanna spoil me. " Yoongi sips on his drink, licks his lips lightly. "If that's what you want, we can go to your bedroom right now. I'll spoil you all night long. " alternatively: Yoongi has breakfast at the Kims, coffee with his parents, and a memorable dinner with Jungkook] Part 4 of Run This Town 9, 563 2001 113 37153 Jungkook has a surprise for Yoongi, and Yoongi finds himself becoming more involved in Jungkook's world. [alternatively: Jungkook wears lingerie, and Yoonkook fuck in the bathroom at Jin's birthday party] Part 5 of Run This Town 9, 006 1984 115 38110 Sometimes when he comes home, he can hear Jungkook's music playing upstairs. It has become an odd comfort, knowing that Jungkook's nearby. But tonight it's silent. Maybe Jungkook's not even home. For a few hazy moments, caught between wake and sleep, washed with loneliness, Yoongi realises that he misses falling asleep with Jungkook beside him. [alternatively: Yoonkook have fun the morning after Jin's party, and Yoongi comes to some realisations] Part 6 of Run This Town 7, 747 1929 100 30805 “You seem different with him. ” Yoongi arches his eyebrow. Exhales more smoke, slowly letting it escape from his lips. “Different? ” Taehyung shrugs. “I dont know. Like, relaxed or something. ” He wets his lips, looks down at the ground. “Happy, I guess. ” [alternatively: Yoongi gets an invite to Taehyung's holiday dinner and Yoonkook fuck in a car] Part 7 of Run This Town 10, 311 2147 110 34909 “Wow. You really like me in this stuff, huh? ” “I like you in anything, ” Yoongi tells him. Its only seconds later he realises quite how that sounded. He doesnt say anything else, but when he looks back at Jungkook theres a flush in the younger's cheeks that Yoongis sure isnt from the heat. [alternatively: Yoongi goes home for Christmas, and Yoonkook fuck in an actual bed for once] Part 8 of Run This Town 11, 606 2098 105 35416 "Thanks for coming here. " “Thanks for the invite, ” Yoongi replies. He takes one last drag, letting the smoke escape lazily through his parted lips. He then stubs out his cigarette in the elegant ashtray. Tightens the arm around Jungkooks waist. “If I don't have the best fucking New Year's Eve ever tomorrow I'm suing. ” Jungkook lifts his gaze to meet Yoongis. The corners of his lips twitch towards a smile. "It won't be hard to beat sitting on your own, bitching about me and filing noise complaints. ” "We'll see. " alternatively: Yoonkook have fun in Bangkok] Part 9 of Run This Town 15, 413 1718 78 31635 Yoongi sits on the floor of his lounge that night, staring blankly out of the tall window. The city shimmers in front of him, vast and sprawling. Yoongi knows it well. Has learnt its hidden places. Knows the spots where shady deals are made, where barely legal contracts are signed off. He knows who are the players, and who are the pawns. Up until yesterday, he felt like he knew exactly where he fit in it all. Now, he only feels lost. [alternatively: Yoongi makes a choice] Part 10 of Run This Town 12, 456 1843 87 28521 “Well get through this, alright? ” Jungkook tells him. "Don't worry. " He leans in, pressing his lips gently to Yoongis jaw. His hand lifts up, palm cupping Yoongis opposite cheek. Another stray kiss finds its way to Yoongis jaw, then to the corner of his mouth. It feels strange to have Jungkook fuss over him like this but for the moment Yoongi lets him. Its comforting to know that the younger is there for him. Comforting to hear the 'we' in his sentence. [alternatively: Yoonkook fuck away their worries, and Jaesung finds a new way to anger Yoongi] Part 11 of Run This Town 13, 252 1666 79 31744 “Min? Did you hear what I said? ” Jaesungs voice rasps down the phone. Panicked, strained. His words repeat in Yoongis mind. He already knows. Fear grips him. Jaesungs voice is too loud, too persistent. Yoongi takes the phone away from his ear and hangs up. Turns it onto silent. He throws the phone down onto his desk as though scalded by it. Truly he feels like he has been burnt. Jaesungs admittance seared onto him, leaving him unable to escape its truth. It didnt work. Seokjin tried but- it didnt work. [alternatively: Yoongi deals with the fallout from Jaesung's actions] Part 12 of Run This Town 8, 814 1813 65 22986 “Already sucking up to the boss, huh? ” Jungkook grins wider. Ducks his head and lands a stray kiss on Yoongis shoulder. He gives him a look, far softer, before laying back down. Head on Yoongis chest, body pressed into his side. “Hes not my boss yet, ” Yoongi reminds him. “Bet you by tomorrow night he will be. ” [alternatively: Yoongi's life starts down a new path] Part 13 of Run This Town 11, 822 1717 70 28909 Yoongi cant believe how lucky he is to be able keep so much of his old life. His money, his lifestyle, all the material wealth hes constantly surrounded himself with. All the tangible ways to prove how far hes come in life. Right now however, none of it means quite as much as the man beside him. The person who has helped to put the pieces of his life back together after Jeon brought it crashing down. Deep down Yoongi thinks he's known it for a while; but in that moment, it truly sinks in that Jungkook has become the most important piece of all. [alternatively: Yoonkook get an unexpected visitor, and it's Yoongi's first day in his job] Part 14 of Run This Town 9, 180 1727 51 25027 “Im happy for you, ” Taehyung finally offers, sounding genuine. “You two seem really happy together. ” He gives them a small smile. Not bright and beaming, but still meaningful. Yoongi feels hot in the cheeks, the sincere way in which Taehyung says these things catching him off guard. Jungkook shifts next to him. Yoongi imagines hes stuck for words too. Yoongi surprises even himself when he hears his own voice replying. “Yeah. We are. ” [alternatively: Yoonkook watch Jimin dance, and Seokjin makes it clear how important loyalty is] Part 15 of Run This Town 8, 510 1619 52 24845 The drive back is uncomfortably silent. Seokjin seems to understand that Yoongi doesnt want to talk. Yoongi notices the small glances that keep getting thrown his way. He doesn't return them. Its not until theyre amongst the bright lights of Seoul once more, seeming a world away from those desolate warehouses, that Seokjin finally speaks. “Have you ever seen anyone die before, Yoongi? ” Yoongis a little taken aback by the direct question. By the odd note of confusion laced in there. He answers nonetheless. “Not like that. ” [alternatively: Yoonkook deal with what's happened] Part 16 of Run This Town 7, 058 1720 58 21601 Yoongi feels a closeness to the younger, intense enough to catch him off guard. Closeness not just in proximity, but in something far deeper too. Something that makes Yoongi feel completely wrapped up in him. Like the rest of the club seems to disappear, everything focusing down to just him and Jungkook. [alternatively: Yoonkook attend Hoseok's birthday and get a little frisky] Part 17 of Run This Town 15, 036 1581 50 25348 “Why are you doing this for Jin? ” Jungkook asks, quiet, caught somewhere between anger and acceptance. “Because he says he didnt do it, whatever it is, and I believe him. ” Jungkook doesnt say anything, clearly not impressed with Yoongis answer. Yoongi sighs. “Because he means a lot to you, ” he says, more honestly. Jungkook tenses in Yoongis hold. “If youre just doing this for me, then-“ Jungkooks protest gets cut off when Yoongi speaks once more. “And because hes my friend. ” [alternatively: Yoongi helps out Seokjin and has an unexpected lunch with Taehyung] Part 18 of Run This Town 8, 944 1524 21470 “I wont let him down, ” Yoongi replies. Mr Kim watches him, nodding slowly. “Somehow, I believe you. ” [alternatively: Yoongi meets Seokjin's father, and Jungkook gets an unpleasant surprise] Part 19 of Run This Town 9, 532 1714 55 21992 Namjoon shrugs, as though its not important. His smile turns softer, though theres something sad still pulling at the edges. “Jin and Kook, they cant help the world they were born into, ” Namjoon continues, voice quiet. “And we cant help that we fell in love with them. All we can do is support each other. ” [alternatively: Yoongi learns a new skill, and celebrates his birthday] Part 20 of Run This Town 14, 219 1613 60 25082 “Jungkook is an amazing person, ” Yoongi tells her. “I wish you could see that. ” “Im sure he is, ” she says softly. “But I cant lie. Hes not the person I want for you. ” [alternatively: Jungkook apologises to Jin, and Yoongi has a surprise visit] Part 21 of Run This Town 8, 077 1591 49 18792 Yoongi can't shake that small, niggling fear that comes with moving in with Jungkook. He supposes it must be natural, for someone so used to their independence. Yoongi knows that it could feel like a backwards move. But he knows, too, that it truly isn't. This apartment was a tangible way of showing how far he'd come in life; same as his car, his expensive possessions. Being with Jungkook, however, he's come so far in a very different way. Like there's new meaning to everything that surrounds him. [alternatively: yoonkook are terrible at packing, and Yoongi misses his meeting with Seokjin] Part 22 of Run This Town 11, 083 1480 56 21402 In which everyone comes to terms with what has happened. Part 23 of Run This Town 13, 160 2199 130 23105.

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TM. 2020 Vimeo, Inc. All rights reserved. Terms Privacy CA Privacy Copyright Cookies Made with in NYC. R.I.P Legend. Thank you guys for all the support on this! Lets get it to a million! EDIT: We did it! Thanks guys. Run this town lucy hale. Aria ❤️. Run this town lyrics. Tumblr Log in Sign up. Run this town remix. Run this town chicago. Woooooooooooooo that boy snapped. Riri looks hot here. Run this town mv. Run this town audio. Run this town movie. Run this town jay-z. Run this town nina dobrev. Run this town video. Lit🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯. Run this town spotify.

Run this town lyrics jay-z. Run This townsend. It is fire never gets on this moment will last forever shout out to those people who. Run this town instrumental.


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